Understand that being successful on radio and Tv require almost opposite things. While on Tv you have to break through the glass by projecting more energy and personality,  on radio you have to be more intimate.  

In The Lounge, tell stories as much as you can rather than reading them.  Turn up your headphones and get closer to the mic, so to the listener it will feel like you’re two feet away rather than across the room.  Smile all the time, which will not make it sound like you’re smiling.  It will make it sound like you’re into what you’re doing and very present.  


What To Work On…

Tell the guys your stories.  Don’t read them.  Bullet point them, memorize the gist of them, and just tell them.

Modulate your voice…more energy as you start a story, more intimate as you’re in the middle of it…

Your stories are the ‘backbone’ of the content that allow the guys to give their opinions.  So keep them simple and straight.  You’re giving us the facts that keep us all on the same page.

Your involvement in the show is just about right.  Help the guys stay on topic and don’t tangent them off their topic.