What’s working…

These guys are going to be really great!

Great chemistry, personal and personable, yet very informative.

Both already know their roles very well, they play together well

The information is pretty clear and up front, not buried behind a lot of chit chat

What needs some attention from here…

There is no need to promote the whole show.  No one listens that long.  Better to promote across breaks in a very engaging way, since that’s where all of our loss will be.

The best way to do an interview…even with a player… is to start a topic and then bring them in as a way to get more information on the topic.  This keeps the interview more informative and less inside, and it positions the show well because it’s always bigger than even players and coaches.

The personal moments from Nalen are priceless.  I want to hear more of them, consistently.  As often as he can go personal and tell stories, share experiences, the better!  It should be part of his prep

Think in terms of “here’s the thing”.  The guys have so much insight and are so personable, prepping and executing by thinking “here’s the thing” will keep them very focused and always insightful.

There should be more sound for them to play with, use to illustrate, and have fun with.

Audio Examples…

01 Nalen talking about watching Warriors with his daughter…



02 Open and formatics, really well done (this should be model for others!)

One-NateNalen-Altitude950-First seg open


03 Interview.  Would be stronger topic-first question-intro of guest

Three-NateNalen-Nuggest Point Guard