-The 4pm hour is the most listened to hour.  On an average day about half the total audience you have for the show will come in in the 4pm hour.

-Almost all the meters in…80%….come from somewhere else, usually KOA or KDSP.  It is very rare that such a high percentage are coming over, but it shows how you are growing as a second choice as people get to know the show.   When people tune out, they usually turn the radio off.  They don’t go back to other stations nearly as often.

-You can see a pattern where people are coming in for 4, 5, 6 minutes and then leaving.  This is normal…they are sampling…but shows why it’s so important to reset a lot, keep topics moving, and name yourselves so it’s super clear what this is and what’s going on.



What To Work On…

Make sure that your intros are tight and topic focused.  Sometimes you meander in, and it’s harder to follow for brand new audience.

We need to be able to tell you apart…if one of you says the other’s name more often that works.

Nate’s humor and Tom’s experience absolutely make the show and is drawing the audience you are growing.  Can we find…prep for…more ways to get this kind of sound into the show more often (as you see from the graph above with quick tune ins and tune outs, often is the key.


The Elway nightmare parody was great!  How often do we do those?  Can we do those more often?