To Work On…

Come right out of bumper music into a topic, and stay with it until you’ve both said all you have to say.  Then move on to a second topic.  You can expect to cover 2-3 topics per segment.

As you approach the break, loosen up a little more so you’re more casual and conversational as you tease across the break.

Although the content  should be more focused, keep the style light and fun as much as you can.  It has to sound like you’re having fun and more emotionally involved in topics rather than straight Xs & Os serious talk.  You sound like you’re fun to hang out with; keep that sound!

Vic will prep by typing notes into his phone throughout the day and sending them to the producer.  The producer will then take the best ones and publish the rundown.  This way Vic will be more prepped and focused on topics because they will often be of his own selection.

Julie’s role will be to keep the guys straight, and on the rails.  If the conversation tangents too much because of Vic’s famous ADHD, it’s Julie’s job to bring it back to the topic.