What’s working…

As always, Jack makes really well thought out and insightful points

He tells great personal stories as part of his explaining his opinion and best thinking on things.

Because Jack has ‘the long view’ and is so fluent in both history and looking ahead, he has tremendous credibility.

His opinions are really belief based…stories are further examples that support or run contrary to his belief, they are not one off events to talk about.

What needs some attention…

Sometimes it takes a really long time to get to these points.

Sometimes these points are repeated over and over from segment to segment.

I would love to hear a little more emotion mixed in, just every once in a while…anger, especially.  Incredulity.  And laughter and having fun, as we have talked about previously.


1) Get to the main point immediately, then back up to explain it.

2) Move on more quickly.  Would it be possible to think through two more topics per show, then do each for a segment or so but in various hours?  For instance in a recent hour about how we never really debate anymore, the main point was made in the first segment but then repeated in each other segment of the hour.  Maybe after the first segment, move on, then come back to it saying “one of the things Ive been thinking a lot about today is how we never debate any more…” and then use a different example (you had 3 or 4 in this topic).

3) Find some emotion.  When you’re prepping: what’s the thing about this that gets your attention…pisses you off…is outrageously unjust…makes you laugh?

4) What do you find funny?  Just downright funny?  We have to add some humor somehow…find the absurd, as we’ve discussed previously, maybe ‘filler’ topics to round out a segment after you’ve done a main one, of things you find to be hilarious?

5) Look to tell even more stories…from news as examples, but especially your own.  And especially when you learned the hard way, got it wrong.  There will be more humor in that but even more credibility


Just a very good, solid, well thought out Jack monologue…

KTSA 02 Jack really good mono


Jack on Confederate flags.  It’s part of a larger belief based point but this is good and should lead.  It was almost 4  minutes in…

KTSA 03 jack conf flag great but 3 in