What’s working…

Jack is becoming more quick and funny and more entertaining.
He is picking good topics and often has a “take” that goes beyond the usual talking points
Its an all mid-term elections hour, but he manages to find some good approaches (The GOP has won, but NOW what/What should the GOP strategy be going forward in dealing with President Obama)
As mentioned in the last air check, he does get to his point quickly.
What needs some attention…
Some of the interviews I have heard simply confirm or extend what he and we already believe.  They are rarely refreshing or surprising.
He still falls into talking points from time to time (example below)
1) Keep working on the humor!  It’s such a unique wit, and it’s nice to hear it away from the callers.
2) Really guard against falling into talking points.  In prep you to be aware enough of what’s being said so that you can find another way, make more of a “Jack” point.
3) Can we re-think the guests?  “Refreshing” is a great word.  Who can you have on to talk about these things that would be truly refreshing?  Can you have more people with direct experience and fewer pundits and experts?
Audio Examples…
Opening up a can of Whoopi as…..
Talking points…