KTSA Market Visit September 2014



More conversational anchoring and reporting delivery style. Anchoring guidelines attached.

Much more conversational writing style. The focus should be natural, conversational writing that avoids all jargon, “process” leads, etc. Writing guidelines attached.

Better use/repurposing of existing staff so we’re better without hiring anyone.

More curiosity in the news process and much less dependence on wires, newspapers, etc. Much more youtube sound, enterprise, stories, etc.

Jack Riccardi

More intelligent humor, more often. This has to be a conscious effort of Jack’s.

The way Jack ‘toys’ with some callers is fantastic and very entertaining. He should do this MUCH more often. Calls should be screened for this. And Jack should work on having the same tone with guests and even alone as he does monologues.

Jack has had a very good mix of news/politics/everyday topics recently. He should take care to maintain this balance of content.

Sean Rima

Preparation. Sean should make finding topics and angles that he actually cares about a priority. Better to hear a more obscure topic that makes his head explode than hear a forced opinion on a major topic he doesn’t care about.

Preparation. Sean should think more deeply or seek producer help in really getting to the heart of his opinion.

Calls. Sean should ‘go off’ on callers very rarely and only when richly deserved. He should play with them more, have fun with them and make them sound absurd.

Jason and Dat

Humor. The show has become very informative and is now a good balance of Jason’s knowledge and Dat’s experience. But it lacks a sense of fun and funny. !
Dat should give stronger, clearer opinions. He tends to stay in facts and experience without really saying what he thinks or what he would do, etc.

Jason still sounds too announcer-y. He needs to just speak more casually, smile more. Maybe flip Dat and Jason roles to see if that helps?

Ario and Antonio

Humor. Antonio has a fantastic personality and really brings out the best of Ari. There should be more of this, and more consistently. They need to strive to be humorous more consistently. Antonio needs to be charged with doing this.