Recommendations and observations…

The writing and delivery are significantly better than before. We are more conversational, less police and crime focused, and we have a great story selection.

There is better use of sound on the station although it would be even better to hear more non verbal sound.  YouTube is a great source if we can’t be out.

Be careful about repeating CBS News.  Don does this the most.  Bill does it the least (and even more unfair, often we’re better at the national stories than they are!  But still…)

The news sound sounds smaller than the staff we have.  We need to add short :15 or :20 voicers to be able to have at least two other KTSA voices in almost every newscast.

Time to really differentiate ourselves from WOAI.  We should be using words like ‘only’ and ‘exclusive’ every day, not just when Trey has the mayor of police chief on.