NO AUDIO.  The topic was Raven Simone on with Oprah and Ellen saying that she does want to be called Lesbian or Black of African American, she wants to be called Human.  


What’s Working…

Sean’s opinion is clear, insightful, and refreshing.

This topic is an example of being engaging over being completely topical

Sean talked about himself in the context of the topic in a great way, saying he’s more Norwegian American than Simone is African American.

What needs some attention…

The topic went on for (at least) an hour.  Way too long.  It would have been perfect in 6 minutes.

Because of the length, Sean ended up repeating himself several times

Because of the length, the one or two callers were kept on way too long (one of them was cut after 4 minutes only because Sean mistakenly thought he had to break!)


1) Do this kind of topic much more often!  It was so refreshing and a different kind of Sean topic!

2) Do it for its natural length…5, 6, 10 minutes…then move on to another similarly good, then come back to this one later.  Play the hits!

3) Keep the callers really short unless they’re telling a great story.

4) Callers should either tell you you’re full of crap or tell you a fantastic story.  They should not just agree and hang and chat.