What’s Working…

-When Sean thinks through a point…actually thinks it through and then walks through it, it’s outstanding (Example 1, Bland)

-When Sean is humorous without the meanness, it just sounds fun and down to earth. This sounds great and is something he should do more of (Example 2, Sharknado)

-Sean’s set ups are better.  Tighter, more engaging from the very first second (Example 3, Trump)


What Needs some attention…

There is a big difference when Sean has not really thought through the topic. It sounds like he’s just talking to talk

He spends too much time going after Anderson Cooper for being gay, derailing his own Trump setup (Example 4, Girly)


1) You have to think through the topic in prep: What’s the thing here that bugs you?  What is it about this we are not seeing or don’t understand or you just think is completely screwed up?

2) Explaining how you feel makes you significantly more approachable and relatable.  This should be your biggest strength.  Let us in, explain yourself, be vulnerable and authentic.  It will make a huge difference.

3) Use mean and angry as tools, not as the rule.  Make it so that when you go mean girl on someone, it’s a big thing, not an aside.

Audio Examples…

Sandra Bland

Rima-05 More Bland

-Good explanation, not talking points and not low hanging fruit

-Different tone of voice.  No mean girl here, even though he faults Bland

-Really great way to do a topic



Rima 01-Trump

-Great lead, jumping right in!

-The middle finger!

-Kind of sounds like talking points…repeating, not really explaining


KTSA Rima 03 sharknado

-Just fun without being mean



Rima-02-Trump:Anderson Cooper

-This seems like low hanging fruit, and doesn’t really add.

-Its kind of ‘mean girl’

-Even for an aside, it gets too far from Trump