The show is growing, but not as much as other shows on the station.

Daily cume is up 62%, so we know they are coming in more and more.  But the share is up about 40%, so they are not coming back frequently enough.

Half the people listening are fans. That should be closer to 70%.

5.30opm is the highpoint for share with MEN 2554 in the whole day at a 2.7  But women barely make a 1 share.

While listeners to KTSA are generally growing younger, Sean’s audience is shifting from 35-44 to 45-54.

Men, flow through the day and the show…

KTSA SR men share


Women, flow through the day and through the show…

KTSA SR fem share

Sean has fun with Ambien.  No tune out…

KTSA SR ambien no tuneout


Sean kicks the Khans.  Tune out.  Women?

KTSA SR tuneout khans


Audio Example…millennials and conceal carry on campus

KTSA 02 SR conceal carry decent point very late sounds unprep



Get right into the topic, but then get right to YOUR good stuff.

Avoid the low hanging fruit.  Prep for the stuff no one else is saying.  The things the rest of us don’t see.

We need more women.  You’re too angry and insensitive…how to do this without being fake and without being inauthentic?   Actually I think authentic is a part of the answer…