Trey on the Indiana law…

trey 02 long open not about law

This open is too long again.  Better to get right in, especially since the breaks are do incredibly long.

This is great insight about the law itself! I have not heard others look at it this way.

trey 03 human terms but 28

This is a greaat way to contextualize the law.  This came at about minute 28.  It would have been great at minute 1!   Would love to hear Trey look for more examples like this with more topics.

Plane Crash (No Aiudio)

Trey describes the crash, and wonders out loud what it must have been like in the cabin with the captain trying to knock the door down and peolle screaming.  But it’s in the same fast, up tone as the above and all of Trey.

It would be a great exercise to work on a ‘tory mode’ and to go a little slower, with more pauses, and more gravity.