This is a brilliant, near perfect opinion monologue from Trey Ware about the California minimum wage increase…

KTSA 02 brilliant opin should have been first

-This is what a good opinion piece should sound like.  Trey did this one very well.

-There is no interruption with the number and trey does not get distracted.

-This was 55 minutes into the hour.  It should have been first.

This is what the beginning of that same topic sounds like…

KTSA 01 TW open numbers and no opin

-He should have set up a few facts about the California law, then launched into the mono above, then given out phone numbers.

-We should be doing at least two and up to four topics an hour like this.  It worries me that one hour goes so long on a single topic so often.

Other observations…

Trey has gotten very good at getting right into topics.  Now, in the 8am hour, he should focus more on getting into opinion just as soon as the topic is set up.

The Alamo Lounge traffic summit promos are crazy long.  With just 25 minutes of content in the hour to begin with, I worry that these are taking too much real estate

I don’t hear live promos for other shows earlier in the show, just the Jack conversation in the 8a.  Are these happening?