What’s Working

Trey has some really well thought out points when he gets away from politics and talking points.  Excellent point of view on Ferguson (first example below)…

Similarly, Trey on kids playing with guns was well thought out, well presented (second example below)…

Great teasing.

Good comments on Charles Barkley audio about Ferguson (but the audio was too long, see note below).



What needs some attention

The Alamo lounge promos get in the way of the content.  I know how critical they are; any chance to close segments with them instead of start segments with them?

The audio of Charles Barkley on Ferguson should have been cut up and re-introduced every minute or so.  The block of audio before Trey really jumps in is about 4 minutes long.

When Trey does pure politics he’s into the same talking points everyone else is, but not as good.  It’s not necessary and he should really limit the politics (third example below)…




1) The more Trey really comes up with his own take on something, the better.  More Ferguson and Guns, please!

2) Love hearing the audio inserted into a topic, but it needs to be better presented.  I want to hear Trey “drive” it, not just play it.

3) He’s good at politics, but it doesn’t set him apart like his takes on other stories do.  I’d rather hear him limit the politics.


Audio Examples

Trey on Ferguson…

KTSA Trey 02 Ferguson


Kids and guns…

KTSA-Trey 01-Dec 3-Kids and Guns in school


Obamacare.  Trey in the weeds and not up to Trey excellence…

KTSA-Trey 05 Obamacare