This is the day of the end of the Paris Charlie Hebdo terror, so Trey was mostly in Breaking News Mode.  

What worked…

The updates were consistent and flowed well.  Trey kept the energy up and kept moving from update to interview to update over the two hours.

Trey did an excellent job of resetting the breaking news, the situation, and where we were in the development of the story.

This is the best hour of US coverage of this story I heard over the many days the story developed.  This could be a model for Trey’s show.  See below.

What to do differently next time…

Make the updates more constant.  Say “here’s what we know right now” and built point the update.  Trey did this most of the time here but not all of the time.

Keep the interviews fact based as the story develops, and opinion based in the following 48 hours as people digest and try to make sense of the story.  In this hour Trey let the interviews takes too far into guessing and even some fear.  It was too early for that on this day.

How and why this is should be “model Trey”

It was fast, confident, and Trey owned the story throughout.  Other than commercial breaks, there was no reason to tune out at any time.

It’s a common story.  It’s the ultimate “greatest hit”.  In the morning people want the basics of what’s going on, and they want to understand.  Staying closer to the big stories, even in a tighter rotation, keeps the show sounding like this every day.

Going from facts and updates to interviews sounded great.  That’s a great model for setups and interviews.  Also the interviews were kept fast and tight.

Audio Example (The full 7am hour from January 9, 2015)

TREY 7AM 010915