Do the contest fast, get into the topic in the first minute or so.  Possible?

Traffic position.  Have to say “Time Saver traffic” every time (mostly this is Liz)

Not a lot of promo of FM in the hour.  Heard about the contest and Sean.

“Out music” always worries me.  It’s my cue to check out everyone else

Possible to slow down the voice a little?  Act as through you’ve thought out your words and are choosing them carefully


A GREAT open. Second segment…

Trey 02 excellent open

Really well thought out and well done!

This should have been the first segment open, and more opens should sound like this!

Well backed up EXCEPT there is no Trey opinion here.  It’s Huckabee’s, listeners’, Santorum’s, but I never know how you think!

Make sure I get something informative, from you, I can take with me to work and throughout my day.


The first segment open…

trey 01 intro of guest not topic

(And this is after almost two minutes of scratch off contest!)

Much better to do the way above…YOU, on an ‘A’ topic that I will be hearing about all day today

When it is a guest, make it topic first, then guest as a ‘tool’ to help get better info.  Unless you’re Mark Maron.