To work on over the next three months or so…

Opinion first.  Now that you’ve gotten very good at leading immediately with the topic, I ant to start hearing more clear opinion or perspective earlier in the topic. In the example below about the football kids who sacked the ref, your opinion comes about 7 minutes in.

Humor.  And not funny for the sake of funny.  Specifically look to add some more humor in these ways:

  • Find the absurd.  Make fun of it.
  • Personal stories in the context of a topic so not “hey I had a great weekend”  but more “I got out of the shower on Sunday right as the Cowboys were kicking off, and I went straight downstairs to watch.  In my chonies.  That’s how into that game I was! Jeeze
  • Make Liz laugh.  Bring her in more when it makes sense, then crack her up.  You’re good at that!  Just make sure it follows the point below.

Liz.  Bring Liz in from time to time, to help set up a story.  When you can, crack her up.  Have a moment of fun.  Just make sure the conversation is topical and not chit chat, and make sure that you’re also talking to us and not just her.  The interaction sounds good.  


Great open, these are getting better and better…

trey 01 strong open

Good, clear opinion on boys sacking ref.  But many minutes in, and was not there at all in following hour…

trey 02 kids good opinion

Trey and Liz.  Don’t address Liz after first bringing her in but the interaction sounds good…

trey 03 liz