Hour Start…

KURV 01 open

MUCH better hour start.  Keep going like this and keep making them better.

Davis, fill the gap.  Hand signals?  It has to be seamless as we move from our start formatics to first topic.

We should start the hour more topical, adopting kids is a perfect 2nd/4th segment


Why not open with Rapid Fire as first segment?  It moves fast, shows off Roxanne, and is always topical at first and moe fun at the end.

What if we add a “political rapid fire” until November at the top of the 5p hour, and Davis does it?  We could promote it as “one stop shopping for everything on the campaigns as you leave work”.

We should add positioning: “History is being made,  and you are hearing it here, on AM 71o KURV your only station for the 2016 election”

We can also make the 5pm Election Special a big thing online…tweet the five, make a box above the fold on the web page, offer the audio as podcast…