Fall 2015

-10,000 in 4pm hour, highest on the radio station

-Highest 25-54

-Growing with women

-Most new cume, very low TSL.  Need to get them to come back again and again and again.

Back to Basics for Spring book

-Keep the show and hour opens fast, tight, and immediately focused on the first topic.  You have a LOT of new audience.  Hook them with the content and let them get to know you through your handling of the content.

-Station name, your names, weather, time constantly.

-Keep calls in context.  When a caller brings up a prior topic you have to take a moment to reset it.

-Personal endorsements of the morning show

-Prep your points ahead of time on at least the main topics.  Hillary email?  What is the thing you want us to know or think about differently.  Not naming names, Davis.

-Top five: don’t read.

-We need a Davis benchmark.  Translate?  Explain?  History?  Story?  Ask the professor?

Audio Examples

01 A call totally out of context.

KURV 01 call out of context


02 Davis down to earth explaining Hillary

KURV 02 davis dowj to earth explain hillary email


03 why you need to prep a point.  Davis in Chris Christie.  Good sound but gets lost…

KURV 03 davis confuse on christie just prep point