Davis & Roxanne October 9 2014


What’s Working…

Davis and Roxanne are sounding more comfortable with each other.

Roxanne is speaking up more   Excellent!

For the most part, they are picking good topics and are both topical and relatable.


What needs some attention…

When Davis isn’t clear on where he wants to go, he shouldn’t do the topic.  He is too out of focus.

Roxanne needs to think through her opinion more in show prep.  Sometimes her opinion does not sound well thought out.

Basics.   They have to start every segment with station name, their name, and jump right into their topic so that people are engaged quickly and remember what to write down.



1) When Davis is not familiar with a story he should sound like he’s “updating it” rather than worry about opining  on it.    This will keep him more focused on the important facts

2) When there is breaking news dont worry about opinion   Go into news mode and say “here’s what we know right now”

3) Roxanne’s show prep needs to include thinking through what she is going to say, how she wants to say it, and why she needs us to know it.


Audio Examples…

Show open.  Basics.

KURV The Drive Home 01-Oct 2 4pm Open


Middle Class Squeeze. Davis focused and prepped…

KURV The Drive Home 02 Squeeze


Chase  Davis not focused…

KURV The Drive Home 03-Chase