Juggling a storm warning and the shooting of a local police officer.  

What’s working…

Davis really does a good job of going back and forth between severe weather breaking news and shooting news.

There is much more topic focus generally compared to before

Roxanne’s Rapid Fire continues to improve

Davis is tangenting less, explaining more.

Davis started a story first and then introduced a guest, instead of leading off with the guest.  Excellent!

What needs more attention…

I would love to hear Rox start to step up in topics as she does in Rapid Fire.

I would love to hear a little more reaction from Rox when Davis is explaining something.  But carefully.

Davis reads a lot. It would help to hear him read less and paraphrase more

Audio Examples…

Rapid Fire…

Davis Rox rapid fire

Better and better, each time I listen!


Officer shooting…

Davis Rox good davis explain intro

Clear, focused, no-tangent explaining by Davis!

Not enough Rox.  BUT I don’t want Rox for Rox’ sake.

Great to intro the guest as part of the story, not up front!!

A little too much reading.  You can really hear the difference between Davis reading and Davis just talking