What’s working…

Rox is coming to life!  More confidence, more momentum.  Better interview questions

The interaction is more seamless  Rox stops, Davis starts, and vice versa.

Davis does a great job of continuing and filling in what Rox starts

Nice job jumping right into the topics.

What needs some attention…

Still some talking over each other.  One of you has to quiet for the other and you can decide this ahead of time.

Don’t think of topics in terms of local, national, etc.  Talk about the most interesting things going on right now wherever.  Just make sure you think and look locally.  Rapid Fire Five actually does this pretty well.

Love hearing the calls, but make sure you do a quick reset when you take a call that is not integrated into the topic you are doing.

When taking calls, have fun, make it a conversation.  It’s not really about them just speaking their piece UNLESS it’s about them telling their story


Audio Examples…

Local vote this week….

KURV 001 Rox leads great vote meander intw lead

Strong Rox!

Too much meander into the interview.  Lead in with a story and a question, avoid the hellos.

Good back and forth Davis and Rox in the interview…

KURV 006 rox asserting in interview good interax

Once again, stronger Rox!

Good Davis/Rox without passing to each other

A call, probably about the vote…

KURV 002 call no idea and no jump in

You have to reset the topic if the call does not immediately follow

Jump in with the calls.  Make it a quick conversation.  It’s NOT about just their opinion!