KURV 02 rapid fire goon ya interview

This is what each hour should start like!  (This was at :23)

Roxanne’s Rapid Fire sounds good.  Davis does an excellent transition out of Rapid into a public health issue interview.

This is more factual, more entertaining and more interesting than most of our hour starts.

Here is three minutes after the beginning of the same hour…

KURV 01 interview intro

After two minutes of guest intro, it still was not clear what this was.

Somebody needs to bullet point these and just give us a clear idea of what the stories are

Interviews should be part of topic starts, not stand-alone


  1. Start the 4pm hour with a Roxanne Rapid Fire that always begins with Trump/Hillary and has increasingly more local and lighter stories as it develops.
  2. Start the 5pm hour with a Davis Rapid Fire that is more politics and national, also leading with Trump/Hillary
  3. Transition right out of the Rapids into  Topic A, as we hear ini the above example.
  4. Roxane should bullet point topic that are not narratives:  “Lawsuit against the school board.  Here’s what you need to know…”