The hour open…

kurv 01 open smoother trans need focus

-Much smoother!  Right into the topic. Note that you don’t miss the big hellos.

-Great ‘takeover’ transition from Rox to Davis after the open.

-Now you have to get to the point very quickly.  Engage me.

-Davis, allow Rox to interrupt.  Error on the side of letting her.

-Rox jump in to keep him on track especially as you set up. The tighter the setup the broader the conversation can go afterward because it’s already in context.


An interview…

kurv 02 great info in interview

-Really good info here and great that you both are jumping in.

-Open with a ‘by the way’ question to disarm and humanize the topic:  Before the first question say in parentheses ” hey before we start…what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen when you’re appraising people’s houses…?”

-Reset mid interview.  Keep the rest of us up to date with who you are talking to on our behalf and why.