KURV Morning News September 2014


What’s Working…

Good opening

Good energy/pacing out of the Fox Network news

Sergio doing an excellent job with questions in the Q&A keeping it compelling.

What needs some attention

Tim’s slow deliberate read still slows the show too much

His writing also remains non-conversational (i.e “The FBI has taken over the investigation into the weekend incident in far South Brownsville where a Border Patrol agent opened fire on a militiaman.” (Second story in the second audio below)

Sergio seems a little unsteady at the beginning of the last story in Cut 2 on the Home Depot breach story


Tim was going to try to pick up the pace in his delivery but maybe we should work instead in the writing, to make it more conversational and more FM ready

Sergio should always lead Into a newscast and so the first story. This will also help keep the pace of the show faster.

We still need more sound to make these newscasts more engaging.



Audio Examples

Solid open that flows well…

KURV AM 01 Open and first two stories Wed Sept 3rd 6am

Second ¬†group of stories that start to slow down…

KURV AM 02 Second group of stories


KURV AM 03 QandA on ISIS