In the ratings…

There book uptrend 35-54.  This time 45-54, core of audience, went to zero.  Not real.

CUME growth 35-44 but TSL not catching up yet.  This is good sign.  Teasing, consistency of things to draw people in early 40s.

Recommendations to prepare for Spring book…

1) Be very welcoming.  Assume it’s an all new audience every time.  This will feel awkward.

2) Know apps.  Story this morning about Waze.  Either know it or talk like you do, don’t question it.

3) 6am humor today perfect.  Tonight Show plus SNL piece on deflate gate.   More like this in later hours?

4) Local biz story before Jennifer Kashinka

5) Sound from Youtube.  Either as news or as a benchmark.