-Good ‘spread’ of crime stories, as usual.  Not all bunched up and not all doom and gloom.

-Good use of sound but could we add ‘reporter’ voice?  Zach, Rox?  Also we still need more natural sound

-The end of the first news block is too light, with four really light stories in a row and the energy petering out.

01 Sample of too many light stories and energy petering out at end of first news…


02 News open.  Great energy, no exit opportunity, the best of any station this size and larger with which I work…



-Can we add an Election Minute update: ‘everything you need to know about HillaTrump before you get to work’?  :24 after? Produced open, etc?

-What is the Fox presence?  How many times per hour?  :40?


-Keep them really tight.  They are very long for a morning show except for when they re crazy interesting

-Reset 2-3 times in the interview.  More that we are now.


-What is the election imaging overall and in the morning news?  What is the message?

-The stream has local breaks blocked.  How many Rush, Dana, Davis Rox promos are we running, and how often?