What’s Working…

As always, casual style with both anchors, especially in intros, outros, and formatics.

An entertaining moment in a political interview from Tim!  Would love to hear more of this (first example below).

Great story selection not too much (or too bunched up) crime, politics, etc.

Great flow from one element to another, not very ‘start-stop’ like many news/talk morning shows.

What to work on going forward…

Branding of everything, especially weather when you do the weather.  Name and claim as much stuff as you can

Promos of everything especially live mentions of Rush and The Drive Home

More time checks between stories.  I recommend after every two stories.

MUCH more frequent weather mentions, almost as short as time checks

More of Tim’s smart question to your political guest.

Audio examples…

Tim’s fun question

KURV 05 tim good question casual

Want to hear a lot more of this.  And between Tim and Sergio too.

Its ok that she didn’t actually answer.  This adds to the flow of the show.

Sergio’s fun moment…

KURV 04 easy style and good intro

Would love to hear more news presented the way this topic start is.

Good intro the guest…no greetings and time wasting.  Excellent!

Sloppy production…

KURV 02 tease and spot slate

No excuse for this.

Weather branding needed immediately…

KURV 01 wx branding

Weather is most likely the single biggest thing we do.  We need to really own it!