KXL Afternoon News
What’s working
     Great energy all the way around, team coming together
     The interaction sounds great.  Increase if you can.
     Jim great job with getting away from crime and terribleness and doing more with national stories
What’s not working
     Long form often done for the sake of needing it.
     Often sounds static and utility.  More breaking news, dynamic feeling
     Face off
     If reporter does magic lead, you have to know how to talk into it.  Special instructions.
     Val and Joe, smile more.
     More interaction as you can.  Not chit chat and not longer, just more frequently.  Be a family.
     Add health and education and money between 430 and 445
     Put longform to very high standards, be very ready to do something else
Audio Examples
Longform. Tweeting police actions…
Note how he kind of says the same thing about four times in 3 minutes
He’s on the phone and he’s a PSA, he’s not crying
Awkward intro with reporter magic lead-in.  Rowena fire…