What’s working…

Great separation of terrible stories

Writing better and better.

A lot of voices throughout. Sounds active, and like we’re all over the community

Rosemary’s wraps!

What needs more attention…

Joe more dynamic.  Closer, more intimate sometimes.  Must engage more like he’s talking right to me.

The writing, while better, still pretty process oriented even when the story is personal to us listeners

Money news local story, cut canned intro to make it seamless

Crosstalk still hit and miss.  Faster, lighter, keep moving don’t wait for response

Audio Examples

Crosstalk hit and miss.

KXL PM 04 crosstalk slows forced

Great combo of good writing plus delivery.  This should be goal for most of the time…

KXL PM 01 combo writing delivery

Where the writing is way better than before but still not really about me  It’s still more about the process…

KXL 05 writing not about me


Interview where Joe could be more conversational, less announcer…

KXL 03 interview more convo joe need softer


Rosemary great!!

KXL Rosemary great voicer

-This is a model for a great voicer.  Her writing and description more than makes up for no sound.