KXL Morning News September 15, 2014


What’s Working…

Great story variety, story stacking, and writing. All of these things that used to slow us down or make us sound more stodgy continue to be very strong (audio example below of fun writing of a beer story).

The pace is fast and consistent throughout the whole hour.

Rosemary’s live reports from the Estacada fire are excellent: human and descriptive.

What Needs Some Attention…

We should always speak of the fire in common terms. Chris Mcguiness calls it by it’s technical name. Is “Estacada” enough or should we say “above Oregon City” to make it even more common?

Fire  coverage sounds like just any other story.   Should we weave in mentions as breaking or developing?  At :15 we come back from break and make no mention of it.

The interview intro with a guy talking about nursing homes was long and irrelevant (example below).  In PPM with something as potentially boring as an interview every segment counts.

We could still really use more sound that is both non-telephone and non-spoken.  Even Rosemary’s live reports had fantastic descriptions but were light on nat sound.


To Do….

1) Shorten the interview intros.  Combine intro with first question.  Make sure the first question is a doozy.

2) Use fire and other breaking news coverage as a serial to keep people coming back frequently for updates.  Keep mentioning and promoting

3) Make sure that fires are referred to in the most common ways possible and that fire stories start with people (Evacs, casualties, homes damaged or threatened) before acreage and percent containment.

4) Nat Sound!


Audio Examples


Great writing!  Beer story…

KXL AM great writing


Interview intro that was long and not interesting enough…

KXL AM interview lead long need ste 1st q


Fire intro that focuses on acreage first instead of Evacs…

KXL AM fire name acres