Ratings (Months, not weeks)…

Down slightly from June but in line when previous months and 25% ahead of this month last year

There are a couple of new meters in the mix…lower TSL/they don’t have the habit.  Explain everything!

Time per occasion has gone :09 to :11 to :13 now!  Great for a morning show

Median age is 46

There is a lull almost every day around 7.30…

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 7.13.30 AM


:22 and :54 are often (but not always) the single biggest station switchers.  Long forms?  Breaks with double live spots?  Lars/Ross commentaries?

When things go long or there is not enough variety for too long there is no tune in/consistent tune out, but not “bailing out”…

KXL AUG02 7am tech floss

01 Loooong tech

KXL 0802 tech

02 Long floss/crosstalk (just 3 minutes after tech, after break)

KXL floss


The terribleness is being bunched up again.  On Tuesday August 2 we led with Arson, missing mom, woman falls from cliff,

This morning we led with suspicious fire, missing kid, process story, but all were longer than normal…

KXL news stack terr and long


We need to add a benchmark 7.30-7.45.  “Trending”  with crazy sound?

Promote more into the 7.30-7.45

With new meters and occasions down a little, make sure we explain everything, make it all super simple for new listeners

More/different promos in MvC, Lars, and PMD?  Live mention promos?

Watch the terribleness and the process stories

Watch the long forms.  Keep it moving, don’t get too bogged down in any one thing