KXL Morning News (Interviews)



The long form interviews on KXL are really dangerous in PPM.  Sometimes meter levels hold through them, but very often most or all meters go away and it takes 15 minutes or more to recover.

This might be the kind of interview that hurts us.  It’s about Palliative care, and it doesn’t seem relevant from the very beginning…

KXL AM 01 palliative iview

And then about a minute after Steve’s first question, the answer to it…

KXL AMD 02 palliative answer


This sounds like it’s paid for or somehow forced and not something Chris booked for the show?



1) Even when these are sales interviews (if they are) can we negotiate a lead and intro that make them more interesting?  This benefits the client as much as us.

2) The first 30 seconds of these, including lead, are only everything.  If you can hook a person in the first few seconds they are much more likely to stay with you through the rest of it.  So the lead and first answer are more key than you probably realize.

3) Best of all…can these be punted when they’re not critical to the program?  Or moved online?