What’s Working…

The chemistry has come a long way, the roles are much more clear.

There is a great mix of info and entertainment now, just as it should be.


What needs some attention going forward…

Some of the segments sound a little too loose and un prepared.  As a result they are a less entertaining and a little harder to follow.

While it’s ok to move away from sports, there should always be a clear and passionate focus.  Sometimes there is too much of a “hang out” feeling, like the guys have no idea where they are going or why they are talking about something.

Audio Examples…

01 NBA and College basketball

KXTG 4-7 4pm Open -One

Great open!

Good opinions from both about Trailblazers season

Gets a little deep in the weeds about college basketball, and sounds unprepared

02 coaches moving from college to pros

KXTG Jumping from college to majors – four

Great mix of both guys’ opinions.

Very clear roles.

Well done

03 Kansas I mean Boston and 70s rock…

KXTG Kansas-Happy Beer Day -Six

This sounds really unprepared and out of control

Its too much light stuff to go from long meander about rock to beer day.

If this were prepped, the guys should have a couple of their favorite 70s rock cuts and made it a focused thing.

It would be better to do a more on-topic segment into beer day.


Prep it all not just the topics but the fun spaces too.  Think through where you can have som off topic fun, and then how you can make it better.  The strength of a topic comes from your passion for it, so beer day but passionate and focused is great. As is “Chop hates boston”.

Stay on topic.  The Blazers to HS basketball sounded distracted.  the college-pro segment sounded focused, well thought through, and relevant.

Also bout the HS basketball…keep it out of the weeds.  Its great to talk about high school basketball but when you start to get really detailed about it is not relevant to enough people.  Better to touch on it, maybe at the very end of a segment, but start the segments with Blazers, Warriors/Spurs, etc

We should have much more sound.  Actuality sound from PbP, coach press conferences, and fun sound like Kansas and Boston cuts.  It would be great to have sound to almost every segment or at least twice per hour.  Successful talk shows will prep a 3 hour show with maybe 30 cuts and use 20 of them.