Quick Follow up on previous conversations…

01 Five Games

KXTG 01 5 games good intro both present

Great intro!  Good energy, both guys are present and in their roles

Good idea for a topic, to look at all five games instead any of them as a standalone

The energy starts to drop a little after the open…keep it going.  Come in right over each other without spaces at first.

02 Asking more than Answering

KXTG 02 asking more than answering

It’s better to answer this and make the question implicit in the answer:  “So five games, what do we do.  503-xxx-xxxx  Tell you what I’m going to do…”

Good how Chop jumps in with what he would do

03 Caller

KXTG 03 caller

Good length of this call. You didn’t let the guy go on and on.

Good ending the call and then moving on quickly, you kept the energy going!