What’s working…

The hour and segment starts are MUCH better!  Clearer, more momentum, more of a sense that you have somewhere to go and you’re taking us there.

The roles are becoming more clearly defined.  You are coming in first and then inviting Perkins in.  This makes it easier to follow for new listeners.

What needs attention from here…

When you start a topic, stay with it and move to the next.  There’s still some bouncing from topic to topic (NFL to Hockey to NBA to big NFL in the example hour you sent).  Focus on one topic at a time even more.

Ask for calls once, maybe twice, and be specific.  Ask for stories from listeners or ask them to disagree.  make it a bigger ask, but less often.

Humor is very important.  We need a lot more humor in the show. In prep, look for the absurd and figure out how to make fun/have fun with it.  Exaggerate the things that you think are nonsense that everyone else is fired up about.  Think about regular guests who are just funny and fun who can bring that sense frequently (the Stern approach).