Segment 1

ragz 01 segment


Your Target

-40 year old guy.  Wants to hold his own with guys in Their 20s and 30s. Wants to be able to keep up in a discussion, maybe on a court.

-Either married or divorced, but he has kids. He has responsibilities.  You are a break from all that!

-Works full time.  Wants to be the guy with the great story or pithy comment or funny line in that awkward moment before a sales meeting starts.



1) Open and get immediately into the biggest stories. In this case, maybe Blazers/Grizzlies?

2) Invite in second guy for specific reasons and always introduce him. Make sure he does not pop in without announcement and contradict you.  You have to control it.

3) Make your opinion as loud and clear as possible.  Make sure you can defend it, even in emotional or perceptual grounds.  Never back down.

4) We need to get a lot more fun and humor unto this show.  Find the absurd in things and have second guy do the same (but he can’t find the absurd with what you’re saying just yet).