Follow up on past conversations…

Interview with a girl who LaMarcus Aldridge flew to Dallas for dinner…

Ragz-02 LaMarcus-Pt 2

-Great questions

-Very conversational

-All interviews should sound like this!

With Perkins (?) and others in studio.  All star game…

Ragz-03 Trail Blazers

-Still gets a little out of control and hard to follow with the other voices

-The voices need to always be brought in so we have context, know who they are.

-I always want to hear Ragz in control

Medly of topics, making up for lost time because of interview above…

Ragz-Medley of topics

-Always look forward, never back.  I don’t want to know that you’re out of breath because of something that happened that I couldn’t hear.

-Its ok to run through topics but it might be better to just do it, just touch on some things.

End Of The Day…

Ragz 05-At The End Of The Day

-Interesting idea for a final segment

-This works when it’s not really a recap, but everything going on bottom-lined.

-Just make sure that there is enough reset or context for each item, assuming no listener heard any of the specific topics you are mentioning.  But keep it as short as you can.