Benchmark Review


There is a lot of fun and humor in these!  As long as they are well set up they should be strong.  Do they rotate or are they fixed? If fixed how do we promote them?

As you can hear in the example below, they get pretty inside pretty fast.  Since they are “out of format” we need to make sure there is context for what and why we do them.

We have to set up and explain, especially coffee and theatre.  Since they all have produced opens, that’s a good place to do a quick explain

The content in Theatre and Coffee is pretty long and so we should reset the benchmark.  Think of it as an interview where we would reset very couple of minutes.


Audio Examples…

01 Coffee for closers.  Hard to follow since it’s not explained…

KZDC AC coffee for closers no sense


The examples I listened to…


the hardline coffee’s for closers 7-18-16


the hardline high society theater 7-20-16