Two solid hours on the Spurs suddenly playing better as we near playoffs…

It was great to hear Ari and Antonio on one topic insead of juggling several.  The topic was well set up from the beginning and had great insight from both Ari and Antonio.  I listened for it to get a little slower and boring in the second hour just because it went on for so long.  It never got boring but could have used some better resets…


Top of the show, the Spurs playing selflessly…

AntonioAri-01-Spurs play 4-09 2-3pm

Great set up about how the Spurs are playing

Great insight from both.

Would love to hear a little more fun here…more humor.  A little too serious


Tony Parker talking about being a team player…

AntonioAri-02 Tony Parker comment

Tough audio.  Hard to hear listening in a quiet room with stream-quality sound.  Can’t imagine being in a car

Maybe ‘translate’ it a bit, make it easier to understand?

Ari, don’t ask.  Tell first, or Antonio jump in right after to tell.  No need to ask for opinion.

Two hours later..

AntonioAri-03Team concept of Spurs

This is still fresh and does not sound like you’re gonig round and round.

I think this is just too serious too much by this point.  There really has to be more fun and humor, especially as you move through the second hour.