What’s working…

The insight and fresh perspective is really starting to stand out.  Both guys consistently make good, unique points.  That makes this an entertaining and insightful show.

Both guys are doing a good job of bringing in personal stories and experiences that relate directly to the topic at hand.

The entertainment value is fantastic because of the chemistry and content.  And it just sounds like the guys are having a ton of fun doing the show.

What needs some work…

Rob has to keep the show always moving forward.  In the rare moments when it’s necessary to look back, he has to fully reset as though the audience is brand new.  Because it probably is.

When the bits and stories are personal and not really topic related, keep them tight and move on.  You have more room to dwell when you’re talking personal experience as part of a topic than just as an opener.  There is a lot of risk that the stories will sound too inside if they go on too long.

Teases are really important.  Maybe it’s worth working them out ahead of time so that they really pull us across the breaks.


Audio Examples

01 Fun bit, personal, a little inside if it goes this long (nalgas)…

kzdc BL 01 nalgas


02 Need to reset.  AD in the previous segment talking Spurs/OKC

kzdc bz 03 dont look back ad


03 Great insight, about how HDTV and all the camera angles give us much better view of the game and good/bad calls

kzdc bz 02 good i sight hd tv bad calls