Where Dat has come a long way…

-Really clear opinion, insight, and observations.  Even in interviews.

-Interview questions are less open ended and more directed, which is really working

-There is more humor, or wit

Where Dat still needs to focus…

-Be more succinct, go to the point even faster

-Sharper questions.  Ask the thing everybody is thinking, and as sharp as possible (example below interviewing a Colts linebacker and asking about selling his number to another player)

-More humor still  It sounds better but could be better still.  Have more fun!


1) Plan to step out of your comfort zone ONCE per segment and ONCE per interview.  Think it through.  Which is the question that you will ‘go there’ and ask, in a sharp way?

2) As you go on the air, put yourself in a place where you are light, having fun, and it’s easy to make jokes and laugh.  It’s a mental exercise.  Even a little will sound good and go a long way.


Audio Example

Dat 01 shorter sharper q