Working on being more entertaining…

DatJason-05-Predictions for other NBA playoff teams

Having more fun here.  This is a great tone to have as the “rule” and then have even more fun as the exception.

This is also a fantastic benchmark.  Do this at a specific time and promote it every day through the playoffs!  We should sell this, maybe a version for every major sport.


DatJason 04-Dez Bryant

Good fun tone at the start.  Don’t usually start off topic so much, but go for this tone as often as possible.


DatJason-02 Analyzing Spurs-Clippers

This is a real opportunity to have more fun, bring more humor, since you disagree but you’re not arguing.  We should prep for these kinds of moments, and then separately prep about how you’re going to have fun.  Reminds me of the Shaq/Barkley show on TNT…