Draft Day

-Great open.  Sounds fun, sounds like the guys are having a great time.

-Love how Jason asks Dat about his experiencein the War Room the day he was drafted.

-No one sounds like an announcer here.  This is actually a model for a normal show!

Sounding really good, having fun…

DatJason-01 NFL Draft Day Thurs 4:30
Sounding much too serious.  It would be better to have this info with the above tone.

DatJason 05 More NFL Draft


Clippers/Spurs Game 6

-Great info but also more serious, doesn’t often sound like they’re having a lot of fun.

-Jason Is sounding particularly announcerish here ith Mr TNT.  It would be better to turn up the headphones to bring his voice down, and make a conscious effort to smile and have fun.

-This is a good example of when NOT to start with a “by the way” question.  This was a good first question.

DatJason 04 More Spurs-Clippers