Follow up from previous meetings…

GREAT Jason and Dat.  Model for going forward.  Manzell/Cleveland…

The Blitz 01-Johnny Manzell- 2-18 4pm cst

-Great passion and insight from Dat!

-Jason holds his own right with Dat.

Good but not as much Dat as above.  DeMarco/Cowboys…

The Blitz-02-Cowboys decision-Demarco Murray

-Want more insight from Dat.

-Nice how this opens with short sound and then Jason jumps in!  Would love to hear more of this more often.

A-Rod’s handwritten apology.  Brilliant!

The Blitz-06 Impersonations reading ARod Letter #1

-GREAT Humor and sarcasm from both.

-Good cross promotion

-This is the fun and tone we also need more frequently (not always Mike & Mike cuts, of course, but the Jason/Dat tone and fun with this)