What’s working…

Fun bit calling Tunsall about his pot smoking video!

Good roles…Chop indignant and more visceral, Fletcher always explaining well and the keeper of the facts.

Interviews sound like conversations, which is as they should be.

What needs some attention…

There is always not just tune out but station changing in the second half of interviews. Its really important to keep them tight and  conversational but not chatty.

Make sure you reset and recap topics even when you think they are obvious.  Few people follow sports as closely as you guys do, which is why they listen to you!  Update, reset, bullet-point ball your stories to make sure we’re all on the same page

At 2.35 there is mass tune out of Canzano every day.  At 2.30 he has 6 meters, and you almost always start with 0.  What is this??


Audio Example

KXTG 01 open need better setup, recap

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 20.04.53