Roberto Story Segment


The story is well told and is definitely fun.

Peggy jumps in and supports him well, and he makes her laugh.  That’s good.

Most of these stories should not be about Roberto personally, and especially not about him trying to pick up listeners! I assume this is an exception?

This is going to be a good segment, if they keep sounding like this.


Le Bon Plan


This is a good LBP.  Peggy is upbeat, interesting, and informative.

Roberto does a good job of jumping in so it’s not a long solid block of Peggy

Roberto’s word play is great.  This is what I want to hear more of, more often.



1) Keep Roberto’s stories about things people will share and tell others about, not about him (unless his own story is truly extraordinary). The goal here is a fun and entertaining story, more of Roberto’s personality, but also someone sharable.

2) Keep Roberto’s humor and word play coming!  Sounds great!

3) This Le Bon Plan is a go0d example of a great ‘tip’ that is not a job fair, not an event for the kids, and yet super relevant to the audience.  And Roberto does a good job of jumping in.  Keep them along this line.