LATINA 29 September 2014


What’s Working…

Roberto is keeping the segments short and tight so we are never very far away from the music.

Roberto and Peggy interaction is great, a la the research.  Just need more!

In the flash, Guillermo has a great section of stories and the the two bad news ones, ambulance suicide and Ebola, are separated well.


What Needs Some Attention…

In the flash Guillermo sounds distant    He should be closer on the mic, smile more, and at a higher level on the console

In Supermercado it’s taking too long to get to the player.   It took a minute in this example   It would be great to shorten the intro and rules so that we get j to the player in 20 seconds or so

In Peggy’s segment  I would love to hear more interaction  between Roberto and Peggy   Not Roberto interrupting but their  great chemistry focused on the subject of Peggy’s segment.


Audio Examples….




Peggy Segment…