Quick Follow Up to our Paris meetings…

The new format of Mega Cuenta sounds great!

We need to make sure we are doing formatics in and out.  Station, show, names, hour.  If we do a big hook at the beginning of the segment, it’s not necessary to announce the song coming out.  If no hook, make sure to announce the song big coming out of the segment over the song.

Roberto is still passing off to Peggy.  It’s better to use a hand signal and have Peggy come in seamlessly.

The interaction between Roberto and Peggy (and occasional sniping from Jerome) is better and better.

Audio Examples

01 No formatics into the song.   This is where LATINA and LE SON LATINO need to be loud and proud…



02 No formatics in, and still passing to Peggy.  This is where we need station, names, and h0ur coming in and seamless hand signal pass to Peggy…