News At Noon August 2014


What’s working…

Liz and Alex always sound good together, and it sounds good to have two voices in this show.

Both anchors do a good job of getting into the reporter pieces

The anchors make it sound like there’s a lot going on and I should keep listening.

What needs some work…

Writing is still stiff and full of jargon.

The interviews feel a little stiff and the lead-ins are long (two audio examples below)


Work on the writing.  Maybe as part of the prep for the show the anchors could write their own leads so that  they will sound more comfortable and in their own voices

Shorten the interview leads.  The intro of the guest and first question can be combined to get right to the point faster and take much less time.

Include a fact with each interview question to get the guests to answer more succinctly and quickly.  For example in the interview about ALS, consider asking a question this way: “we know that ALS is a disease that attacks brain and spinal cord cells.  Is it always fatal?”


Audio examples…

Getting into an interview.  The ice bucket challenge…

WIBW Noon News #3-Ice Bucket Challenge


Great energy from Liz and Ales but stiff old style writing…

WIBW Noon News #1-Open